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MOREL HiFi Subwoofer 1003

Il design a 3 vie del subwoofer USUB offre la qualità del suono Hi-Fi di Morel per applicazioni stereo e home theater.
Dotato di un singolo altoparlante attivo e di doppio radiatore passivo, fornisce un'esperienza di bassi straordinariamente potente in una cabinet compatto e performante.


With no port, the dual passive subwoofers work together to yield a tight and powerful bass and allow soundwaves to flow effortlessly throughout the enclosure while cancelling vibrations. This small subwoofer can perform just as a larger ported one and render increased sound quality and dynamic bass performance with minimum distortion. The 24K gold plated terminals further ensure high-quality sound for maximum bass reproduction. 

Unlike other subwoofers, the USUB powered subwoofer incorporates cutting-edge digital amplifier technology to maximize performance while generating very little heat. It is remarkably energy-efficient, and in standby mode, the unit consumes less than 0.5 watts, making it one of the greenest subwoofer solutions available.


The USUB includes various controls to ensure bass performance is just as you like it, whether for a thriller movie or your favorite music.  Featuring rear-mounted volume control, low pass crossover, and phase control, the USUB ensures optimal system integration. It also offers an energy-saving standby mode with an automated signal sensor that detects no input signal for about 15 minutes. Power will turn on the signal returns.

Available in 12”, 10”, and 8”. 

The reinforced solid enclosure made of a thick wood compound with internal bracing provides remarkable sonic performance and insulation. The top-facade features a high-tech chic appearance with a brushed black aluminum surface to uphold anything placed on top of it.


MOREL HiFi Subwoofer 1003

CHF 1.199,00Prezzo
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