The Consummate is fully basically a balanced version of the Consonance with a more elaborate, multi-stage regulated power supply. I’ve not heard the Consummate myself but Nico Fox, the distributor for the Netherlands at the time, told me that you could say that soundwise the Consonance was warmer and the Consummate more accurate. A reader of this site informed me later in 2015: “I bought my Consummate 2nd hand some 15 years ago. At that moment he had both the Consummate and the Consonance and I had taken both home to listen to extensively. Because the Consonance was much cheaper, I basically preferred it, but after I had listened to the Consonance for a day (nice) I connected the Consummate and was sold immediately. I did not expect it to be such an improvement in the sound with respect to the Consonance. Much quieter, blacker background, more depth, etc. The Consonance went back quickly and the Consummate remained and has remained my favorite preamp for all that time.”

Jeff Rowland Consummate preamp