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Originally, the B10 loudspeakers were conceived solely for use as nearfield

monitors, to be deployed when recording music in Dieter Burmester’s private

studio. However, thanks to their extraordinary performance, the concept has

now been extended to create a pair of shelf speakers capable of astounding

performance, with low space requirements.

A whole series of special features sets the Burmester B10 loudspeakers apart

from normal compact speakers. The thickness of the baffle, for example, is as

much as 48mm in places, while the front terminates in a panel of solid, 10mm

thick aluminium. In most speaker designs, the vibrations from the bass units are

transferred to the baffle, which in turn transmits the vibrations to the rest of the

enclosure walls. Our B10 speaker cabinets, on the other hand, feature an unusually

solid front panel in a sandwich construction. The deliberate decision to

dimension both the bass unit and the frequency crossover for extremely rapid

transients in the fundamental range constitutes another special feature and impacts

extremely positively on the sound characteristics. Transient response has

a major influence on a person’s sense of spatiality and perceived transparency

of the overall sound. In this aspect, there simply is no other loudspeaker that

outperforms the B10.

For delicate overtone reproduction, we have perfected the extraordinary annular

highringtweeter principle. The result is a unique tweeter unit with ringshaped

diaphragm, produced exclusively for Burmester. Its sound benefits are

due in no small measure to the fact that the middle and edge of the membrane

are located at a distance of very few millimetres from the driving coil, enabling

them to react in a fraction of a second to any changes in the audio signal

Burmester B10 Makassar