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Try again at home the same emotion of a live concert:  our mission and our passion.

For 37 years we have been listening and testing the  best HIFI and High end products in the world.  

Always attentive to the price-performance ratio. Today we are authorized dealers of all the best HIFI and HOME CINEMA brands, many exclusively.

Music reproduced by a real HIFI system, analog or digital, is something else! 

Come and find out for yourself in our new Show room in Lugano.


- dozens of 2-channel / stereo HIFI and High end systems and components ready to be listened to

- high quality wireless speakers, ready to listen to them and see how to configure and manage them 

- Home cinema components, demo in a real Dolby Atmos-DTX room

- large choice of servers and streamers for liquid music and turntables for vinyl records

- OLED TV and soundbar top models of the latest generation


We guarantee a quality technical service for the design, construction, installation of any type of audio-video system, from TV with soundbar to centralized multiroom with cinema room, also  professional for public places, bars, restaurants, stores. 

We repair your appliances in our laboratory.


We guarantee prices COMPARABLE to those practiced by Discount and ONLINE.

Damiano Mueller   started in 1978

to deal with audio-video. 

In 1985 he founded Musicdoor.

Today he continues to menage the company

with great passion.


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Lunedì                 :           chiuso     /  13.30 - 19.00

Ma-Me-Gio-Ve :    9.00 - 12.00  /  13.30 - 19.00

Sabato                 :    9.00 - 12.00  /  13.30 - 18.00  

Domenica           :                   chiuso

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